Sensible Coaching and Mentoring for Life?

A map would be helpful.

We grow and mature in response to ever-changing circumstance. Navigating successfully requires disciplined, honest, self-examination. Men and women can be harsh critics, especially of themselves. Easily capable of composing an extensive list of short-comings, along with a convincing story.

What if your story isn’t accurate? Would you even know? In the privacy of one’s own head, judgement, discretion and even insight can be unreliable. Coaching or mentoring offers a perspective impossible to achieve in isolation – How we show-up and are seen from the outside looking in.

A valuable piece of the puzzle, and one requiring an experienced, trusted guide.
Sensible coaching offers a comprehensive approach to self-knowledge. Acknowledge and strengthen short-comings, but also develop neglected skills. Coaching is valuable when your world is on fire, but also helpful when considering where you stand with human emotions, such as – anger, anxiety, stress or compassion, forgiveness, generosity.
 Discover hidden assets, and reduce roadblocks inhibiting effective, confident and decisive action.

Learn to rely on your compass. Sketch out your map with sensible coaching and mentoring.

Snake Bloomstrand – Coach-Mentor-Author

The Work?

Change needn’t always demand an ordeal. Act before your hair catches fire, increase self-knowledge and liberate informed choice.



Transition may involve the end of a career, a relationship or even good health. Large shifts that swing away from a comfort zone into the unfamiliar force us to see through a fresh lens. Successfully navigating transition without clouding the lens one must identify and accept what has ended.




Trauma is a naturally occurring phenomena in humans. One person’s devastating incident may be a minor annoyance to another, the severity or lasting impact of trauma on humanity fluctuates broadly. The ability to endure and recover from trauma in a comprehensive manner is a personal skill sharpened repeatedly over a lifetime.


We are able to learn much about ourselves in relationship to others. Friendships, primary relationships and co-workers see us from the outside looking in, clearly a valuable perspective and one we can’t see on our own. To learn about ourselves we must have the courage to ask, “What do you see?” Then comes the tricky part. To reap the reward, we must be willing to consider their answer.

Self Knowledge

How well do you know yourself? At a recent event I witnessed a circle of nearly 60 people begin to build trust. One at a time they were brought to the center and asked a serious question. “Who are you and why should we trust you?” The knee-jerk throwaway answers were dismissed, and the question was repeated. “Who are you and why should we trust you?” ……..What is your answer?

A sensible approach to greater self-knowledge and effectiveness is to gather and utilize what humanity has learned, questioned, and overcome


Much of my life I felt I’d been walking in a deep, dark mine. I’d tried all manner of personal work, and there would be glimmers here and there of daylight, still I could not find the light switch or a reliable exit.

Working with Snake for years now, I realize I’ve been wearing a powerful headlamp the entire time. One remarkable thing about good mentoring is the way it snuck up on me. Not unlike being alone in a dark cave only to realize someone has been “watching” all along with your best interest at heart. It might be as simple as the sound of clearing his throat, more often it’s three simple words . . . “I see you”. Being seen reminds me the power source of that remarkable headlamp is my own heart.

With patient guidance, a  gentle demeanor, and a wickedly sharp wit and perception, Snake’s been the inspiration for my continued self-discovery .


Snake has been an instrumental force in my life. He has helped me see the man that I truly am and supported me to live deeply and fully. He has integrated years of masterful experience as a coach, facilitator and leader and his counsel is laced with the wisdom of an artist. His main art however is people, and he helps them realize the truth and beauty that they are.


I’ve trusted Snake’s council for years and have spent countless hours with him.  I know him to be a mature man who is wise in the ways of the heart and emotional expression and repression.

If you, the reader, are truly serious about doing the necessary work and self-reflection to live a life of integrity then simply spend time with him and he will help you see the path to that life.

Caution: You will have to do the work yourself.



“I have known Snake Bloomstrand for years as a friend, mentor and corporate consultant. I have worked side by side with Snake as he taught me facilitation skills, he has an uncanny instinct and insight that brings out the best in people. Snake Bloomstrand is a magician when it comes to motivating people and always with a touch of good humor and spirit. “


In the times when I have felt confused, I have found wisdom and clarity in coaching with Snake.  He understands what is going on for me, and asks the right questions, helping me find clarity.  I appreciate such a reliable ally.


I have been working with Snake as a coach for 5 years. I found that he helps me see the barriers and patterns I create. With this knowledge and along with his coaching I am able to overcome and/or change them. He also helped me see positive qualities about myself that I have a difficult time seeing or acknowledging. He does all this with a soft touch, that I can hear and follow.